Simple SDK - Stellar Documentation - Deep Analytics
Generate serious revenue - Maintain player satisfaction

Deliver an experience gamers want

Create a new revenue stream that complements current revenue systems and maintains the player experience. With our SDK, you’ll have a simple and easy to install solution that can generate significant revenue while you focus on what matters most, developing the games you love.

Maintain Total Control

Use our dashboard to easily manage your games and ad spaces. Get real time data that shows your views and earnings then optimise your game’s ad placements to maximise your revenue.

No Disruption to Gameplay

Boost revenue significantly while maintaining your creative vision and ensuring the player’s experience is as seamless as possible. 

Analytics & Reporting

Watch your game’s revenue grow exponentially from your dashboard. Powerful real-time data and analytics at your fingertips so you can enhance the experience and increase revenue.

Easy Initialization Process

Using Unreal's BluePrint system, drag and drop Frameplay nodes into your game flow.

Initialize the SDK with One Line of Code

Get started in Unity in no time at all.

Drag and Drop Ad Spaces into Your World

Easily modifiable to suit your game needs.

Developer Workflow and Game Performance
is a Priority

Editor workflow is fast and easy to follow. Runtime impact is kept to an absolute minimum.

Revenue is on the table