Level Up CES
with Video Game Advertising!

We have two ways to play:

1. Apply to Join Frameplay at CES in a Private Agency/Brand Meeting:

For select agencies and brands, register your agency/brand to see and hear an exclusive update from Frameplay’s CEO and Co-Founder Jonathon Troughton, where he will reveal several industry-leading intrinsic in-game advertising updates, including:
  • A peek under the hood to understand how an intrinsic in-game ad gets into the game
  • Private showing of the specific proprietary technology enabling 3-Dimensional Viewability - Signed NDA required only available in private agency/brand meetings
  • New and innovative ad formats reveal
  • Mobile and PC Showcase AND a console update
  • Exclusive game partner announcements (AKA new games!)
  • Brainstorm bespoke ideas for your brand

2. Frameplay Daily Sip & Play (Open House):

Visiting the C-Space at the Aria? Come upstairs! Frameplay is hosting Sip & Play events Wednesday, January 5 through Friday, January 7 from 3-5 pm!
  • Complimentary cocktails and refreshments available!
  • Play video games and see intrinsic in-game ads in action!
  • Executive team on site to brainstorm bespoke ideas for your brand over a cocktail!
  • Hang out with gaming ad tech people (who doesn’t want to do that?!)
Spaces are limited! Don’t miss your chance to get this exclusive peek at the most innovative, new advertising channel and format on the planet! (Yes, we are very bias...but we think that’s pretty accurate)

We look forward to seeing you!

Plan on attending one (or all!) of our Sip & Plays? Let us know!

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