Frameplay’s Network Insights Summary Report, Analyzed by TransUnion®

Frameplay's Network Insights Summary Report, analyzed by TransUnion®, gives an overview of the habits and interests of gaming audiences across Frameplay's network of games. This report explores various demographics, such as employment, interests, politics, and purchases, to provide context about players and the game genres they play.

Insights include:

1.) The Frameplay network is split evenly between game players that identify as male (50%) or female (50%).

2.) Each one of the following general interest categories individually represents up to 50% of Frameplay’s audience network: DIY, Music, Outdoors, Reading, Collecting, Sports, Entertainment & Movies, Gardening, Cooking, Travel, and Electronics.

3.) Frameplay’s audience network tends to spend more on Children’s Products, Electronics, Health, Home and Garden, and Personal Care Products than the average U.S. consumer.


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